Wilderness Survival Kit

There are three items that form the basis of any wilderness survival kit.  They are:

Fire starting tools  (at least 2 differnet types is advised)
A way to purify water (here again, 2 different types is advised)

With these 3 items you can build a shelter, stay warm and have pure water to drink.  this will keep you alive for several weeks, especially if you have a midddrift food supply like I do.

The means to purify water could be tablets, a filter or even a container to boil water.  The GI cups that fit the WWII canteens are excellent for this.

A means to ovtain food is the next thing to add to your kit.  Some fishing line and hooks are the obvious first items it you will be near fishable waters.  There is no need to carry bait with you since natural baits such as grubs would be used.  A small trot line would be useful also.

Snares for small game are the next step.  These could be ready made snares or a roll of wire to make field expedient snares.  Snares are small, light and should be in every survival kit.  harvesting game from a snare is a numbers game.  The more snares that you place the better the odds that you will ear that day.  I would suggest a minimum of 10 snares.  Although heavier, a roll of wire could be a better choice since it could make many more times as many.  Keep in mind that animals will destroy a snare from time to time so you may have to replace some.

A post that I read a while back asked the question of whether he should carry snares or a rifle.  This is not an either or consideration.  You should carry both which brings us to the next item on our list. 

Your choice of a survival firearm is an important decision.  I consider this the most important item after a firestarter and knife.  For most this would be a .22 rifle.  Those of you with the required skill could opt for an accurate handgun.  Instead of repeating myself please see the FAQ page and the other articles on what the reasons are for a .22 as a survival rifle.  Whichever you choose it should be short, light enough to carry long distance, and accurate enough to harvest game.

The survival kit should be broken down into a minimum of two sections.  The first section should be carried on your person at all times so that you will have it even if you get separated from your main kit.  This first section should include a knife and firestarter.  You could carry backups to these items in your main kit.

The often overlooked item may seem odd but you should carry a small, quality pair of nail clippers.  keeping your nails trimmed will reduce the chance of ripping off a nail.  This is not only painful, but it could lead to infectin.  An added bonus is that the clippers are the perfect way to cut cut the monofilament line in your fishing kit.

None of these items will do you any good if you do not learn to use them before hand.  You can learn to start a fire in your backyard.  Go on a weekend "primitive" hiking or camping trip.  The more knowlege your have the less gear you will need.

Stay safe.